Our on-site repair shop is staffed with four master repair technicians, one journeyman technician, and one apprentice technician, resulting in over 120 combined years of instrument repair experience. Our repair techs take pride in their work, always providing the care and precision necessary for an instrument to maintain its original quality playing condition. Not only do they keep instruments in great condition, they also provide complete overhauls on-site, making Cooper Music one of the few companies in the entire United States who perform complete overhauls in their own shops.

BRASS Repair Prices


Clean, Sterilize & Remove All Accessible Dents:
This option gets the instrument in good playing condition. Our technicians clean & sterilize the inside and outside of the instrument, as well as remove any dents. Parts are an additional cost.

Complete Overhaul:
Complete Overhauls give extra emphasis to the instrument’s cosmetic condition. Our technicians clean & sterilize the inside and out, buff the body, lacquer, and remove all dents & scratches. With this option, the instrument will be in good playing condition while also looking much newer. Parts are included in price.

Econo Overhaul:
An Econo Overhaul is similar to the Complete Overhaul. From six feet away, it looks like a new instrument, but when you look closely, you can still see the scratches left in the instrument. We recommend this job on school owned instruments to prevent thin spots in the brass. Parts are included in price.

InstrumentClean, sterilize, and remove accessible dentsClean, sterilize, remove accessible dents, and silver polishComplete OverhaulEcono Overhaul
Trumpet / Cornet$80.00 + parts$95.00 + parts$495.00$400.00
Trombone$80.00 + parts$95.00 + parts$495.00$400.00
Trombone (F-attachment)$90.00 + parts$115.00 + parts$525.00$475.00
Trombone (F-attachment, large bore)$95.00 + parts$120.00 + parts$575.00$515.00
Trombone (Bass double rotary)$115.00 + parts$135.00 + parts$800.00$650.00
Alto Horn / Mellophone$80.00 + parts$120.00 + parts$800.00$700.00
French Horn (single)$85.00 + parts$105.00 + parts$1,000.00$700.00
French Horn (double)$105.00 + parts
Holton- $115.00 + parts
$125.00 + parts$1,250.00$850.00
French Horn (marching)$80.00 + parts$120.00 + parts$875.00$675.00
Baritone (3-valve)$80.00 + parts$120.00 + parts$950.00$700.00
Baritone (4-valve)$85.00 + parts$135.00 + parts$1,250.00$900.00
Baritone (marching)$85.00 + parts$125.00 + parts$695.00$900.00
Sousaphone (fiberglass)$120.00 + partsN/A$1,200.00N/A
Sousaphone (brass)$125.00 + partsN/A$2,400.00$2,200.00
Sousaphone (silver)$145.00 + parts$280.00 + parts$3,800.00N/A
Tuba (small)$115.00 + parts$155.00 + parts$1,850.00$1,600.00
Tuba (4-valve)$130.00 + parts$215.00 + parts$2,450.00$2,000.00
Tuba (rotary)$145.00 + parts$225.00 + parts$2,600.00$2,300.00

Woodwind Repair Prices


Average Playing Condition:
Replacing necessary pads, key corks, and adjustments to make the instrument play properly. Parts are an additional cost. 

Complete Repad:
Cleaning and sterilization inside and out, replacing all key pads, corks, and tenon corks. This will usually make the instrument play like new without overhauling or replating the keys. Parts are included in price.

Complete Overhaul:
Cleaning and sterilization inside and out, buffing keys and body, lacquering (where applicable), replacement of all pads, key corks and tenon corks.  This procedure is similar to a complete repad with extra emphasis given to the appearance of the instrument. Parts are included in price.

InstrumentAverage Playing ConditionAverage Playing Condition w/Disassemble & CleanComplete RepadComplete Overhaul
Flute (Plateau)$75.00$130.00$270.00$350.00
Flute (French)$100.00$160.00$300.00Estimate Only
Alto Clarinet$75.00$175.00$375.00$450.00
Bass Clarinet$95.00$200.00$410.00Estimate Only
Oboe$95.00$170.00$430.00Estimate Only
Bassoon$110.00$230.00$490.00Estimate Only
Soprano Saxophone$90.00$170.00$500.00$800.00
Alto Saxophone$90.00$170.00$500.00$800.00
Tenor Saxophone$95.00$180.00$520.00$830.00
Baritone Saxophone$115.00$240.00$800.00$1,100.00
Other WoodwindsEstimate OnlyEstimate OnlyEstimate OnlyEstimate Only



Chad Koop

Chad grew up in Russellville, Arkansas playing trumpet in the school band. He also played drums in a rock band, which he continues to perform with today. He graduated from Russellville High School and began working in his family’s trucking business; however, his love of music drew him towards a different profession. His life long friendship with Hal opened the door as an Apprentice Repairman over twenty years ago. He honed his skills and ultimately became a Master Brass Repairman. In 2005, he was named the Shop Foreman, where he oversees all activities in the shop and provides the ultimate in customer service.


Hal Cooper, Jr.

Hal Cooper, Jr. is the co-owner and founder of Cooper Music based in Russellville, Arkansas. His music Company provides repair services, band instruments, music supplies and anything else a director could need. He travels weekly to schools and universities around the state. Hal has been in love with music his whole life. His father, being a decorated university band director, instilled in him a passion for band and music. Hal played in the school band and also in a rock band for many years, inspiring him early in life to pursue a career based in music. He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Music Science from Minnesota State University. Hal mastered his craft of repair and became a Master Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Technician. He is a member of The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians and also serves on the board of the Arkansas Bandmasters Association as the Exhibitor Liaison. Before co-founding Cooper Music with his wife, Tracy, Hal worked with and alongside some of the best music store owners and repair technicians in the state. He has over 30 years of experience in the band industry. His great customer service and quality repair has established his presence in the band community.


Rod Koop

Rod has been in the business of brass instrument repair for over 15 years. Before deciding to pursue a career in instrument repair, Rod owned and operated a trucking dispatch business for over a decade. Rod’s repair skills are not only limited to brass; he also plays and repairs guitars, bass guitars, and drums. A Russellville High School graduate, Rod is married to April. They are parents to wiener dog Stella and two cats, Jack and Callie. Rod loves to ride his Honda motorcycle and collect beer tabs.


Bob Frye

Bob’s life has always revolved around music. A graduate of the University of North Texas in Music Education, he began his musical career as a band director. However, his love for problem solving eventually led him down the path of instrument repair. Among his impressive career history, Bob was a repair tech for Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps. He also owned his own instrument repair shop for over five years, taking care of his local band community. In his down time, Bob loves to relax and listen to great music, as well as ride his motorcycle throughout the countryside.


Isaac Lowe

Starting from a young age, Isaac found a passion for music, which continues on to this day. He played bass guitar in his church’s youth band, is currently learning clarinet, and plans to tackle guitar after that. Before becoming a repair tech, Isaac worked in construction, a position that required him to possess careful and precise attention to detail. This skill has since transferred over to his work in band instrument repair. He resides in Russellville with his wife, Amanda, and their two cats, Paddington and Manhattan. For fun, Isaac loves traveling and going to concerts, hiking, and playing video games.


Clay Hooten

Clay brings an incredible work ethic and warm personality to our staff, after three decades of serving as a dedicated band director. He received his BME from Arkansas Tech University and MME with an emphasis in conducting from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music. Clay has served as a major role in the band community, being an active adjudicator and clinician throughout Arkansas, past president of The Arkansas International Association for Jazz Education, and having helped form the new chapter of Arkansas Jazz Educators. In Clay’s spare time, he loves to hike, cook, and smoke cigars with his wife, Julie. He also has five daughters, a grandson, and two dogs.

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