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Choose A Plan That Works For You!

No matter your financial situation, Cooper Music has a plan for everyone to make sure that your child gets to experience the joys of band.


Each of our instruments -aside from percussion- come in new, like-new, and used conditions. All required accessories are included, with the exception of the band book(s).

Financing with Cooper Music: How It Works

Aside from paying cash outright, we offer two forms of financing: Promotional Financing with Klarna® and Rent-To-Own. What’s the difference?

Promotional Financing with Klarna®

Our promotional financing option is available through our partnership with Klarna®. With this option, you can still have a cheaper overall price option compared to rent-to-own, but pay it over time with monthly payments. 

Interest with this option ranges up to 29.99%. 

All you need to do is visit our online shop, choose your instrument and accessories, and apply for financing in the cart page. A decision is made immediately and you will quickly be ready to own an instrument! Please note that our online shop only offers 4 monthly payments total; to receive a longer term, apply in-store.

To learn more about the details for this option, visit Klarna’s website here.


Our rent-to-own option provides you with the option to pay off an instrument over the course of 24 monthly payments with 11.29% interest. The overall cost of the instrument is just slightly higher than the cash and promotional financing options, but we do accept returns, making it completely risk free.

If you would like to pursue this option, apply for an instrument here, fill out the application, and make your first payment. You will be notified within 1-3 business days whether or not you have been approved. (If you are not approved, you will be fully refunded your first payment.) Your instrument will be delivered to your school’s band director.

From there, we will simply take monthly payments with AutoDraft until the instrument has been paid off or until it has been returned to us. You will need a bank account for this option.

Neither of these options work for you?
Contact us at 479-967-3273 or for help!

We are proud to carry the following brands:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell the instrument back to you after I buy it?

We do occasionally buy back instruments. The same goes for instruments that were not originally purchased from us – Mr. Cooper is always willing to look at an instrument for sale. If you would like to bring your instrument in to sell, please note that you will need to be here when Mr. Cooper is in the store. His hours for viewing instruments to buy are 12:00PM-2:00PM on Mondays. If you would like to bring an instrument in to sell at another time, please call us beforehand to see if he is in his office that day.

Will the free warranty cover if the instrument gets dropped?

The free warranty offers repair for general maintenance of the instrument, if any issues occur over time. It does NOT cover drops or any physical damage done to the instrument.

What will my instrument come with?

Every instrument, no matter the condition, will come with a case and a beginner set of necessary accessories (such as mouthpieces, reeds, oils, etc.). It will NOT come with a music book.

What is the difference between brands?

When it comes to our beginner student-line instruments, our price lists are the same for each brand. (For example, if you were looking into purchasing a new flute, it would be the price listed under our new flutes whether you were buying a Jupiter, Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, etc.) Every brand we sell has been approved by our local band directors.

What do I do if I live out of town and need a repair?

If your instrument needs repairs, simply leave it with your school’s band director! Cooper Music makes weekly trips to schools all across the state to do on-site repairs, pick up instruments for repair, and deliver accessories that have been purchased in our online store.

Why do you need my SSN when applying for an instrument?

Cooper Music requires a social security number when applying for an instrument to maintain conrete confirmation of identity. Please note that all information is kept secure, online and offline, and never shared in any form.

Can I pay off my instrument early?

Absolutely! If you would like to make larger payments or finish paying off your instrument early, call or come see us in person and we can easily get that arranged for you.

What is the difference between like-new and used?

The difference between these two conditions is entirely cosmetic. Both are technically “used” instruments that have been played in the past; however, like-new instruments will look more attractive with less blemishes and dents. Like-new instruments have either barely been played at all or have been overhauled in our shop to look practically brand-new. Used instruments will still play just as well as a new or like-new, but will look worn on the outside with possibly some dents, scratches, or worn finishes.

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