Terms and Conditions


We take monthly rental payments by way of Automatic Draft. Rental payments are either taken out on the 1st or the 15th of each month, unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday; in that case, rental payments will be withdrawn on the next available business day. Autodraft is mandatory; we do not take payment with cash or card. Any accounts whose payments do not go through will be charged an additional late fee. If you do not have a bank account, call us at (479) 967-3273 or (800) 813-7333 for information on what you can do next.

  • Auto Draft Agreement
    Cooper Music initiates debit entries and, if necessary, credit entries and adjustments for any debit entries in error to the buyer’s bank account indicated on the voided check the buyer provides.
  • Credit Check Agreement
    We conduct a consumer credit report on each applicant, which could influence their final monthly payment prices. We only use this report to determine customers’ financial readiness to rent to own an instrument and to determine which plan best suits each individual. We have a required credit score of 600 or above to rent to own an instrument with Cooper Music. However, we have a plan for everyone, whether they have excellent, poor, or no credit at all. We do not deny anyone based on credit. If you do not think your credit score reaches our minimum, call us at 470-967-3273 for information on what you can do next.
  • Collection Fee Information & Agreement
    In order to continue to provide exceptional service to all our customers, timely payment of your account is crucial. You have the power to avoid the following penalty by discharging your debt with Cooper Music when it is due. If you fail to pay your account in full or if satisfactory payment arrangements are not timely made and timely payments are not made pursuant to the payment arrangement within 45 days following your default, we will refer your account to a collection agency. You shall be responsible for paying the fee that the collection agency charges for collection of your debt. The amount of that fee is 33% of your debt. That 33% will be added to your debt and collected by the collection agency. The buyer is still responsible for any court costs or recovery costs associated with collection of your debt.

Upon the customer’s agreement, Cooper Music sends informative and promotional texts at the phone number provided to us upon applying for an instrument or having an instrument serviced.


We require an initial payment when applying to rent-to-own an instrument. This payment can be in the form of cash, check, or card. The initial payment amount will be the same as your monthly payment. You can view our pricing brochure here to see the monthly payment on each instrument/condition.


Upon applying for an instrument to rent-to-own, we do require certain information, such as birth date, social security number, driver’s license number, etc. Please note that ALL of this information is kept secure. All of the information you provide on your rental application will not be used in any way in which you have not consented. Any and all the information collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, distributed, disclosed, or loaned. Additionally, if applying online, Cooper Music is a secured website, where all information is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.



Cooper Music’s privacy policy is here to explain how we collect and protect your personal privacy within our site. We strongly encourage you to read this privacy policy, along with our Terms & Conditions in order to fully understand your rights. Please remember that by using our site, www.coopermusic.com, you are accepting everything that is described in this privacy policy. We do reserve the right to change this policy at any time, effective immediately upon posting.

On our site, we collect personal information that our visitors have voluntarily submitted. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, the school your child attends, etc. This information is entirely used only for the purpose of fulfilling your request (such as applying to finance an instrument or purchase an item to be shipped to your school). We do not distribute this information in any way other than completing your requests.

Our site uses cookies and other tracking technology to enhance your experience using our website. This type of tracking technology is very useful for helping you keep track of your own information, such as saving your password and your personal information. However, please remember that your personal information cannot be collected via cookies.

Cooper Music is a secured website, where all information is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

Any and all the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, distributed, disclosed, or loaned. Any information you give us will be held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.


We have prepared this sales tax policy statement to explain to you when and why we collect sales tax on your purchases.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Even if we do not collect sales tax from you, you may owe sales tax on your purchase. Unless you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon, your state most likely requires purchasers to report and pay tax on all purchases that are not taxed at the time of sale. The tax may be reported and paid on your individual income tax return or by filing a consumer use tax return. For more information, please visit your state’s department of revenue website.

COOPER MUSIC COLLECTS SALES TAX in states where we have physical presence (or nexus), including Arkansas. Cooper Music also collects sales tax in states that have adopted the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA), including Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

COOPER MUSIC DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX in any state NOT listed above because Cooper Music is not required to collect sales or use tax in these states.

FOR OUR TAX-EXEMPT CUSTOMERS: COOPER MUSIC DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX if we have your exemption certificate on file.



FREE School Delivery
We offer free delivery to most of the schools in our area. Deliveries are made weekly, so under normal circumstances orders should be delivered within one week. If you wish your order delivered to your student’s school, then make sure you include the school information in the instruction box on the first page of the checkout screen and to change shipping to school delivery in the drop down box. School delivery is only available during the regular school year (September – April).

FREE In Store Pickup
Any online order can also be picked up for free at your local store.

OTHER Standard Shipping information

  • All orders are typically processed within the same day of placement, but please allow 48 hours for order confirmation. As a security precaution, some orders may require extended verification.
  • Most orders will be shipped via USPS or UPS ground unless otherwise specified.
  • If an item that you have purchased has been sold out, we will contact you promptly with any shipping changes.
  • If you need expedited shipping then select “In Store Pickup” at checkout and contact us with the details of your request.
  • Due to our dealer agreements, we only offer shipping to the United States.
  • For the quickest response in relation to a question, please provide accurate phone and email contact information. We want to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible!



If you wish to return an item
Regular item/accessory returns are accepted with a receipt. We have a 30 day return policy. Simply bring the item(s) and receipt(s) to our local store, and we will refund your payment. We do not accept reeds that have already been opened/used.

If you wish to return your instrument
If you have completely purchased your instrument, you may come to our local store and try to sell it back to us at any time. We do not accept returns on fully purchased instruments.

If you are currently renting to own an instrument through Cooper Band Instrument’s in house finance program that you want to return, you can bring it by the store any time we are open. We will then void your contract and the monthly rental payments will cease. However, because this is a rent-to-own policy, please remember that any payments you made prior to returning the instrument will not be returned to you.

If you are outside of Russellville or cannot make it by our store, you will need to securely pack the item or instrument and ship it back to us as at our address:

Cooper Music
914 West Main Street
Russellville, AR 72801

Cooper Music is not responsible for cost of return shipping.



You are free to cancel your order anytime before it has been shipped. If you wish to cancel an order, please call (479-967-3273) or email us (sales@coopermusic.com) and we will cancel it immediately.

Klarna Financing Policies

To view the policies and terms&conditions for promotional financing, please visit Klarna’s website.

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