Woodwind repair services

Average Playing Condition: Replacing necessary pads, key corks, and adjustments to make the instrument play properly.

Complete Repad: Cleaning and sterilization inside and out, replacing all key pads, corks, and tenon corks. This will usually make the instrument play like new without overhauling or replating the keys.

Complete Overhaul: Cleaning and sterilization inside and out, buffing keys and body, lacquering (where applicable), replacement of all pads, key corks and tenon corks.  This procedure is similar to a complete repad with extra emphasis given to the appearance of the instrument.


Average playing condition

Complete repad

Complete overhaul

Piccolo $75.00 + parts $190.00 $275.00
Flute (Plateau) $60.00 + parts $195.00 $275.00
Flute (French) $85.00 + parts $225.00 $290.00
Clarinet $60.00 + parts $175.00 $225.00
Alto Clarinet $70.00 + parts $325.00 $425.00
Bass Clarinet $85.00 + parts $350.00 $475.00
C♭ Clarinet Estimate Only Estimate Only Estimate Only
Oboe $75.00 + parts $400.00 Estimate Only
Bassoon $85.00 + parts $450.00 Estimate Only
Soprano Saxophone* $75.00 + parts $450.00 $600.00
Alto Saxophone* $75.00 + parts $450.00 $650.00
Tenor Saxophone* $75.00 + parts $475.00 $675.00
Baritone Saxophone* $90.00 + parts $700.00 $950.00
*Prices differ for intermediates with brass keys.

Our Company started in 1990 in a small, one room building behind an old music store. It has now grown into a full service band instrument sales and repair facility.  We sell new, reconditioned and used brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. We also have a full line of instrument accessories.



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We are closed on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


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